16-25 Year Olds & Parents

Wherever you are on the path from education to employment, Tinker Tailor will make sure you are asking the right people, the right questions, at the right time. Where are you?


In many cases children turn to their parents for guidance on degree courses and careers. Most of the parents that turn to Tinker Tailor do so because they don’t feel qualified or sufficiently up-to-date to help their children explore all of the options that might be available to them.

Our fresh and holistic approach to careers has helped numerous individuals, and often entire families of siblings, open their eyes to the huge range of jobs they could consider and make the most of their remaining time at school or university.

So often we hear: “The world has changed so much since we were applying for jobs”, and “he/she doesn’t want to listen to me”.

A combination of up-to-date insight and a fresh independent perspective is all some young people need. By temporarily removing a young person from their home or school environment (mentally not literally!) Tinker Tailor can help them think about who they really are, what they like doing, what really interests them and what comes most naturally to them.

With greater self-awareness and self-confidence your child will naturally become more self-sufficient and start to consider the most suitable further education and careers (and not just because someone told them they should!).

Here's how we can help

Year 10 & 11

Now is the ideal time to start thinking about what you want.

We can help you evaluate your personality, analyse your interests, highlight skills you already have and ones you might need to develop, and discover what really matters to you.

Then we can help you use it to make decisions that are right for you, whether it be about subject choices or meaningful work experience.

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Year 12 & 13

You now have a few more balls to juggle and decisions to be made in tandem:

  • University, or alternative, applications are looming.
  • Work experience and proof of extracurricular achievements are essential if you want to stand out.
  • If you are planning to take a Gap Year, how are you going to use your time wisely?

Admissions tutors and employers are increasingly putting as much emphasis on personality, attitude and self-knowledge as they are on academic attainment.

Sessions with Tinker Tailor can help you make sure your academics alone don’t define you by identifying experiences and achievements to produce an impressive CV or Personal Statement.

The end game? Be more confident about what you have to offer.

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School Leavers to Graduates

However good or disappointing your results might have been so far, it is important to understand that your academics are not the only measure of your abilities and what you’re capable of in the outside world.

Just when you are ready to start seeking advice, the safety net of school or university seems to have been whisked away! You’ve left a supportive and structured environment and no longer have clear guidelines of what is expected of you.

Sessions with Tinker Tailor will help you draw up a plan. With greater self-awareness, we can offer you advice and insight into the huge range of jobs and sectors that you are suited to. We can then help you put your plan into action.

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Graduates with experience

It’s never too late to seek career coaching. Very often it’s a lack of self-knowledge, poor understanding of what is really out there or simply the pressure to get ANY work, that leads so many to take their first job. We can help you revaluate your options and discuss a possible career change.

In just a few 1:1 sessions we can help you assess your personality, skills, interests and values. Consider what working environments you are most suited to and make the most of any experience you have had so far.

The advantage at this stage is that you will have a clearer idea of what you are naturally good at or enjoy, because you’ve tried it!

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We provide bespoke, independent and transformative career guidance.

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Wherever you are on the path from school to the world of work, Tinker Tailor will guide you through every step.


We work in partnership with schools to help them provide a comprehensive and holistic careers programme from Years 10-13.