What we do

We provide bespoke, independent and transformative career guidance. Our links to the world of work are what make us unique.

16-25 Year Olds & Parents

Wherever you are on the path from school to the world of work, Tinker Tailor will guide you through every step.


We work in partnership with schools to help them provide a comprehensive and holistic careers programme from Years 10-13.


Tinker Tailor is a personal development and career-mentoring consultancy for young people between the ages of 16-25.

We help them to:

  • Formulate a personal action plan for suitable work experience, degrees and future careers
  • Produce unique and impressive CVs and Personal Statements
  • Prepare and impress at interview

With the increased self-awareness, self-confidence and self-sufficiency that we can instil in pupils and graduates, they will be better prepared for life beyond the school gates and more likely to pursue the careers they are really suited to.

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"Really know their stuff. Present extremely well to students and parents. Helps to give kudos to my work, and really understands the ethos of the school and the demands I face. The calibre of trainers is excellent, and they are very in touch with the world of work, whilst being able to relate to teenagers and their needs and interests." Head of Careers

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